thoughts on your thoughts about women

i recently read this thought catalog article and while i mostly agree with a vast majority of their over the top dramatic claims, i must say, this article i found to be incredibly sexist. maybe i'm over-analyzing but it doesn't change the fact that i was mildly tiffed by a good portion of this article.

the article is here.

my responses are below. some needed no commenting because i felt neutral. 

1. A girl who doesn’t get along with other girls.

“I’m friends with all my exes, but I hate other girls. Ugh!”
well to be fair, typically when you're with someone for a good amount of time, you don't just stop giving two shits about them. and "friends" usually means cordial. you're not in my favorite contacts - but if i see you out in real life, i won't feel the need to hide behind a bush.

and most girls honestly have frenemy relationships. deal with it.

2. Thinking marriage means the end of blowjobs.

“I can’t wait to get married so that I don’t have to give blowjobs anymore.” Yes, I know at least one girl that has said this before.
maybe your balls smell. have you thought of that?

4. Trying to get you to go on a family vacation way too early in the relationship.

I went on a first date with a girl I had met online and we had been talking for all of 15 minutes when she told me that her parents had a cabin and I should come stay with them in a couple of weeks. We were in the “Strangers who just met” awkward phase where I didn’t even know her last name and she is inviting me on family vacations.

have you heard of something called courtesy? it was definitely a courtesy invite. she was being welcoming and you were being north korea.

5. Any girl who considers tricking a guy into staying with her by getting pregnant.

“Her boyfriend was going to leave, so I told my cousin to poke some holes in their condoms and get pregnant. It worked!”
well - it worked didn't it? and besides, who the fuck wouldn't notice a freaking condom with gaping holes? they deserve each other.

6. Telling me I’m nice.

“You’re the first nice guy I’ve met”
umm... seriously? this is a problem? would you rather she say, "you're the rudest piece of shit i've ever encountered."

7. A girl who doesn’t practice safe sex.

“I don’t believe in using condoms”
well MAYBE she uses birth control. don't be so narrow minded.

8. A girl who has no girl friends.

“All my friends are guys.”
well if i lived in china, all my friends would probably be guys too.

9. A girl who’s passionate about astrology.

“So tell me your zodiac sign, I want to find out if we would be a good match!”
as least she's passionate about something. not like she asked for a vial of your blood and cup of your semen. chill bro.

10. Any praise for Marilyn Monroe.

“I love Marilyn Monroe, she is such a role model”
I have never met a woman who idolizes Marilyn Monroe and is also a sane and levelheaded individual.
first of all, marilyn monroe was deemed a sexy female icon. she was the equivalent of a US size 12. today, that is considered plus size. you should probably congratulate her for having a healthy and strong female role model. would you prefer drug addict kate moss? yeah thought so.

12. The dreaded h-word.

Any mention of herpes, and I’m out.
that goes for you too sirfucksalot.

13. A girl who makes it known that she’s desperate for marriage.

“Are we going to get married or am I just wasting my time with you?”
this just shows good planning skills. we're not fertile forever fuckers.

14. Any mention of a beard.

“I hate how itchy my beard is.”
are you sure this came from a girl?

15. Anything that indicates a spoiled girl.

Well if their dating profile says anything about them being a, “princess, queen, goddess or baby” They are too rich for my blood.
i for one, am all of the above. maybe you should rise to the occasion instead of settling for pauper status.

17. Kid-related anything.
For me, any mention of a kid and I nope the hell out of there. I’m 20, I don’t want a kid yet.
YET. who said she wanted it right then and there.

18. A girl who claims to have no drama.

“I’m drama-free”. NOPE NOPE NOPE RUN AWAY.
you sound pretty dramatic yourself. run forrest run.   

21. Weird, disturbing name-calling in bed.

“Yeah…you like that, you fucking retard?”
well if you didn't call me a dirty little whore, maybe i wouldn't call you disturbing names. thanks.

22. A list of all the girls’ traits who I didn’t end up dating.

All things I’ve had said to me from girls I didn’t date:
  1. I can’t eat unless your near by
  2. The pyramids were made by aliens to be portals to other worlds. They made them wrong so now we’re cursed with global warming.
  3. I have a thing for (insert my name here)’s
  4. The Bermuda Triangle is really where Atlantis is. The government doesn’t want us finding it so whenever we get too close they make us disappear.
  5. I love you because God wants me too. He wants us together.
  6. “What are we doing after work/school?” “We had plans?” “Oh, I just assumed…”
i'm too focused on the first misuse of your.

25. Telling me that I’ll soften up to her bad traits eventually.

On a second date she was like, “Don’t worry soon you’ll learn to like this or that,” like RELAX.
Got outta there faster then Usain Bolt in 1840′s Mississippi.
well how perfect are you? pretty sure your little imperfections take some warming up to as well.

26. An avid Sex And The City watcher.

“I have the complete Sex And The City box set.”
why is this a problem? choice of television shows has nothing to do with her character. and box sets are expensive. she has enough money to buy one. be proud of her.

27. Denying craziness.

My ex broke up with me because he says I’m crazy. I’m really not though.
everyone is a little crazy. it's the new norm.

28. A demanding woman.

“I need about tree fiddy.”
well maybe you shouldn't be picking women up off the street. hookers are not free.

29. Anything off-color.

Anything racist. Goes for anyone I encounter.
stereotyping isn't racism.

30. Any girl who’s obsessed with selfies.

“Let me take a selfie!”
ok then don't ever ask for a picture of me. particularly not in the nude. i'm not allowed to take selfies according to this douche bag.

31. A material girl.

“Money is the most important thing in life.”
frankly, it is. it requires money to do anything.

33“I miss you” and we’ve only met once.
When a girl texts you that she misses you and you only went out one time…dude we barely even know each other at all.
butt texting. oops.

34. A girl who discriminates against short dudes.

“I don’t date short guys”
well nobody wants to look like nicole kidman and tom cruise. that was a sad and awkward time in celebrity history.

35. Whiners.

Complaints. Total turn off if she starts off the date with a complaint.
well if i was stuck in massive traffic, you're surely going to hear about it.

36. Any girl who is too insecure.

“Does this shirt make me look fat?”
well does it? asking for an opinion isn't necessarily insecurity. distinguish please.

37. Gold-digging tendencies.

Any signs that she’s a gold digger. Like asking how much you make. Always hinting you should buy her things. etc.
well how much DO you make. and maybe you should buy her things.

40. A girl with little aspirations.

“I want to be a housewife.”
being a housewife actually isn't easy. if your idea of what a housewife is comes from real housewives of beverly hills then your ignorance is daunting. tending to children, chores, errands, not exactly a piece of cake.

41. Any girl in favor of incest.

“I don’t understand the whole stigma against incest. I’m glad my brother and I lost our virginity to each other, because at least we know we love each other!”
well if it was angelina jolie i'm sure you'd think otherwise.

42. Anything poop-related.

Anything that acknowledges the fact that girls poop.

this has got to be the most ignorant comment of them all. if we're not allowed to poop you're certainly not allowed to cry.  


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